Frequently asked questions

Q- Is there any fees for this course?

A- Yes there is Fees Of course starting from Rs. 10000 and upto Rs.20,000.


 Q- Whether fees has to be paid in at once?

 A- Yes it has to be paid at once.


Q- In which cities this course is available?

 A- It is available all over India as its an online course.


Q- Who can Do this Course?

A- School student, college student, people who are doing job, businessman, professionals, YouTubers, bloggers, freelancers.


 Q- Can I pay the fees in installment?

A- As it is a sponsored course and limited seat course. It has to be paid at once so that any seat doesn’t get wasted.


Q- Do I need a laptop or computer to do this course?

A- you can also learn it from your mobile.


Q- What is eligibility to join this course?

A- There are no eligibility criteria. Anybody who wants to learn and attain skills can join this course.


Q- I am a school student, can I join it?

A- yes you can join it.


Q- I am a college student, can I join it?

A- Yes you can join it.


Q- I am Student, will I be able to do this course along with my studies.

A- This course is a self-paced course, so you are not restricted to learn at any fixed time or for a fixed duration.  


Q- Should we know any basic skills to learn this course?

A- For digital marketing and technical skill you should know basic internet and computer, but for remaining part of the course no basic skill is required.


Q- My English is weak, can I join this course?

A- Yes you can join it, this course will available in both Hindi and English.


 Q- Do we have to give time to this course daily?

A- No, it is the self-paced course. You can give time to it as per your availability, Total course hours are 265 hours.


 Q- During the course, can I ask any doubt?

A-  yes you can ask doubts and you will get an answer to every doubt.


 Q- Will I get any certificates?

 A- Yes, you will get  certificates as per choice of your courses



Q- Will I get a job if I learn all the skills taught in this course?

 A- If you learn it properly and apply it properly, yes you can get a good job.


 Q- Can I grow my business after doing this course?

 A-  yes, this course will be very helpful to grow and expand your business. 


Q- What are the payment modes available?

 A- You can pay online after filling the form or you can transfer to our bank account directly. Bank details will be shared to you immediately after you will fill the form.



Q- What will we learn after taking this 265 hours course?

 A- You will learn digital marketing, website development, graphic designing, blogging, business management, and using internet powerfully.


 Q-How will be the course online, how will I take my classes online?

 A- You will be provided a login on our website and study material and videos will be provided periodically in form of E-books, Videos, webinars and audio lecture.




Q- I don’t use internet banking or card, can I directly deposit cash in the bank?

A- yes you can deposit cash in our HDFC bank account.



Q- Can we join this course later in next batch?

A- No, this course will not happen again. It will end on 1st march.


Q-  Will these certificates hold any value?

 A- yes, these certificates Definitely hold a value.


 Q- What things I will learn in this course?

 A- you will learn everything mentioned in the syllabus.


Q- What if I am not able to attend any webinars online?

A-  Webinar session will be available on your portal all the time after lives session. You can see it later also.


Q- Whether my doubts will be cleared online or not?

A- Yes your all doubts will be cleared online on the portal itself.


Q- How will i Iet my certificates?

 A- After completing the course, it will be sent to you by post.


Q- Can i download the study  material during the course?

 A-  Yes, you can download it and read it and watch it whenever you want, but you cannot share it with other as per piracy act.