What you will learn in complete course?

Self development and personal management

Powerful use of internet.

Learn how to use internet for your growth.

Self learning

Learn how to learn new things.

Growth hacks

Learn tricks for growth in personal and professional life.

Time management

Learn art of time management.

Presentation skills

Learn how to present yourself and your ideas in front of anyone.

Problem solving skills

Learn art of problem solving in any field of life.

Leadership skills

Learn how to lead effectively and achieve goals.

Performance improvement

Learn how to be a top performer in all fields of job and business.

Life management

Learn how to manage personal finance, emotions, Attitude, relationships to conquer fear.

Personality development

Develop your personality to be the best version of yourself.

Personal finance

Learn how to manage personal finances.

Personal profile building

Learn to make best CV Resume and linked profile to compete in a competitive environment.


Learn how to make contacts and grow your network.

Indian Economy, Industries and career

Career right or wrong?

Know top ten Mistakes While Making Career Choice.

100 promising career options

Learn about 100 promising careers in India and skill needed for them.

Day to day economics

Learn about economy of your daily life and how you can improve it.

Basics of Indian Economy.

Learn about basics of Indian economy and its effect on common man and business.

Overview of latest technologies

Learn basics of new and upcoming technology that will rule the future.

Overview of Industries in India

Know about industries that exist in India.

Shopping and Retail Industry

Learn about Retail and shopping industry of India.

Service Industry

Learn about service industry of india.

Manufacturing Industry

Learn about manufacturing Industry of India.

Import industry

Learn about import industry of India.

Export industry

Learn about export industry of India.


Selling on Amazon

Learn about how to sell on amazon and grow on amazon.

Selling on Flipkart

Learn about how to sell on flipkart and grow on Flipkart.

Selling on Paytm

Learn how to sell on Paytm and grow on Paytm.

Selling on Instagram

Learn about how to start selling on instagram and grow.

Selling on your own website

Learn how to sell on your own website and grow your sales.

Creative and techincal skills

Basics of Graphic designing

Learn about basic graphic designing and designing tools on which a normal person can design. You will learn the philosophy of graphic designing, photoshop, basic illustrator, basic Corel draw, Canva, picasa etc.

Website development

Learn how to develop a simple website for your business. web hosting and setup of a new website, WordPress setup, HTML and web development basics, STYLING with Cascading Sheets (CSS), PHP With SQL,Complete E-commerce website from scratch.

Video Editing

Learn how to edit a video professionally. You will taught to use filmora and edit videos.

Basics of Audio editing using audacity

Learn about basics of audio editing.


Learn how to start a blog and make it a earning source for yourself.


Learn how to earn money as freelancer.

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Basics of entrepreneurship

Learn how to become entrepreneur and achieve success.

How to think about idea?

Learn how to get a unique idea.

Idea assessment

Learn how to validate your idea.

Conversion of idea into reality

Learn steps of how to convert idea into reality.

Formation of company

Learn about how to form company and legal structure of company.

Formation of team

Learn how to form a million dollar team.

Initial investment for business.

Learn various strategies to grow your running business.

MS office for business

Learn how to use ms office effectively for your growth and business.

Google tools for business

Learn Google tools to help you grow in business.

Training of team

Learn how to train your team to increase their efficiency.

Motivation of team

Learn how to keep yourself and your team motivated.

Team work

Learn how to perform as a team and grow together.

Government policies and laws that effect business.

Learn about the laws and policies of government related to business.

Product Development and pricing of product

Learn about how to develop products and services and prices of the products.

Understanding the Business finance.

Learn all aspects and terminology of business finance

Business Planning

Learn about how to plan business and creating business model.

Business operations

Learn how to manage business operations

Business documentation

Learn everything about how to make important documents of business.

Business accounting

Learn about accounts to run your business.

Business administration

Learn every thing about business administration required.

Business communication skills

Learn how to communicate with your customers, vendors, investors.

Legalities of business

Learn about legal aspects of business in India.

Work ethics

Learn about ethics you should follow at business and work.

Business relations

Learn to build strong business relations with vendor, suppliers etc.

Customer relations

Learn how to build strong relations with your customers for a long period.

Increasing efficiency of business

Google Learn how to increase efficiency of your business, hence increase profit.

How to tackle competition?

Learn how to compete with other business.

Market research

Learn how to do market research.

Consumer Behaviour

Learn how customer behaves in various situations.

Negotiation,persuasion and social influence skills

Learn how to negotiate, persuade and influence.

Business growth strategies

Learn various strategies to grow your running business.

Human Resources management

Learn how to manage human resources of your organisation.

Sales and marketing

Learn about sales and marketing which will help to grow your business.

Standardisation of processes

Learn how to standardize business process to increase efficiency.

Quality control and management

Learn how to control and manage quality of your products and services.

Low investment businesses

Know about low investment businesses that can be done in India.

Budgets and budgeting

Learn how to make budget of your company.

Basics of data analysis.

Learn how to do data analysis and its use to grow.

Power of data

Know about Power of data and how you can use it.

Industrial management.

Learn complete industrial management.

Project management

Learn how to manage a project in your job and business.

Brand management

Know how to build your brand and manage it.

Inventory Management

Learn how to manage inventory.

Cost optimisation

Learn how to minimise your business costs without compromising with quality of your product and services.

Raising funds for business

Know how to raise funds for business.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy and Different Channels

Learn basic strategy and channels where digital marketing is done.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Learn how to improve your google search ranking.

Mobile Optimization For A Competitive Advantage

Learn how to optimize mobile version of your website.

Lead Magnet and Chaining

Learn how to get leads on your website.

Search Engine Marketing (Adwords & More)

Learn about paid marketing on google.

Social Ads

Learn about social ads and platforms.

Content Discovery ads

Learn how to create content ads.

Email marketing

Learn how to do email marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to do affiliate marketing and earn money through internet.

Youtube marketing

Learn how to increase your views and grow your youtube channel.

Analytics Deep dive

Learn about how to analyse results of advertisements and improve ads

App store optimisation

Learn how to improve your search ranking on app store.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Learn how to manage online reputation of your company.

Content Strategy, Marketing and Copywriting

Learn about content creation and marketing.

Storytelling in a digital world

Learn how to do storytelling in a digital word.

Visual Storytelling (Graphics)

Learn how to do story telling graphically.

Community building and its potential

Learn about how to build community and its advantages.

Marketing automation - Bots, Tools & More

Learn how to automate marketing using various tools and bots.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Learn how to market in social media and optimize your social media pages.

Basics of Neuromarketing

Learn basics of physcology of consumer and how to use it wisely.